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Tiger Tiger London is a world-renowned nightlife destination that has been entertaining Londoners and visitors alike since its establishment in 1998. Situated in the vibrant area of Haymarket, the club has become a staple of the city’s nightlife scene.

The flagship venue boasts six distinct rooms, each with its own unique vibe, offering guests a diverse range of experiences under one roof. Whether one wants to dance the night away in the Opal Bar, sample delicious food and drinks in the Tiger Grill, or enjoy an exclusive VIP experience in the LUXE room, Tiger Tiger London has something for everyone.

Recently, the Decadia room was added to the club’s repertoire, taking guests on a nostalgic journey through the decades with its retro-inspired decor and music. It’s the perfect place to relive younger years and make new memories with friends.

In addition to indoor spaces, the club also offers a stunning outdoor terrace bar called the Cloud Lounge, providing guests with breathtaking views of the bustling streets below. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail or two and take in the sights and sounds of London.

At Tiger Tiger London, the experienced staff takes pride in providing exceptional service and entertainment to guests. They ensure that every aspect of a night out is taken care of, from drinks and food to overall experience. Whether one is celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a fun night out, Tiger Tiger London guarantees a fantastic time.

Guests can join the club’s guestlist for a night out they won’t forget at one of the best nightclubs in London. From the moment they step through the doors, they’ll be transported to a world of wild and unforgettable fun.


Yes, the club has a smart-casual dress code, and entry may be denied to those who do not adhere to it. More information on dress code guidelines can be found on the club’s website.
The club has a diverse range of rooms, each with its own music style, from chart-toppers to throwback hits. Guests can check the club’s website for more information on music genres.
Yes, the club’s central London flagship can host over 1500 guests spread over six rooms, making it a great spot for group events. The club offers group booking options and private hire for those looking to plan a larger event.
Yes, the club has a variety of food options available at the Tiger Grill, including sharing platters, burgers, and pizzas. Guests can check the club’s website for more information on the food menu.
Yes, the club offers VIP experiences in the LUXE room, with exclusive access to a private bar and seating area. Guests can also inquire about VIP packages and bottle service for special events.
The club is strictly 18+, and valid photo identification is required for entry. More information on age restrictions and entry requirements can be found on the club’s website.

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